Wowza - Fastly CDN service impacted within US region – Incident details

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Fastly CDN service impacted within US region

Started about 1 year agoLasted about 1 hour


Wowza Video

Operational from 1:44 PM to 2:39 PM

Wowza CDN

Operational from 1:44 PM to 2:39 PM

  • Resolved

    Fix has been implemented and downtime is complete. All activity has returned to normal. This incident has been resolved.

  • Monitoring

    We will be implementing a fix and and expect there to be some downtime of 5 minutes during this role out. We will be monitoring the result of this fix.

  • Identified

    We have determined that we have not lost connectivity to the Fastly CDN services. However we are continuing to review and monitor this issue. Updates to follow

  • Investigating

    We have noticed an issue with the Wowza Video ingress infrastructure that we use to provide the Fastly CDN with the streaming data. We are reviewing the issue and investigating both the issue and a potential fix at this time. We are working as quickly as possible. Updates to follow.